Cloud Hero Storage Plan - The Mobile Worker

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Cloud Hero Storage Plan - The Mobile Worker

When you have people working from home or visiting clients, you have a mobile employee. Traditional way of providing mobile worker support is through VPN, virtual private network, which is before we saw the Cloud Storage revolution.

There are problems that VPN cant solve. For example, if you are on the customer site, VPN back to company may be blocked. If you are at the airport, the WiFi at the airport may have certain ports blocked as well.

With cloud storage, you now have another option for the mobile workers. Since cloud storage space is off-premise by nature, it is easier to access when the employee is on the road.

Cloud Storage access from the Desktop/Laptop
One of the solutions is to attach Cloud Storage to mobile workers laptop. Cloud Hero is the solution for this.

(1) Cloud Hero can map a network drive to cloud storage. Users can save documents directly to the network drive together with folders.

(2) Cloud Hero can setup a synchronized local folder. Contents saved to the local folder will be synchronized to cloud storage every 15 minutes through Cloud Heros 2-way sync functions.

Once the mobile employee saves documents into Cloud Heros virtual drive, the documents will be sent to the cloud storage account setup by the company. For example, sales proposals, customer contact information can all be saved back to the cloud storage.

Cloud Storage back on Company Premise
The mobile employee may come in to company premise once in a while. They can continue to use Cloud Hero without a problem. They can work right from their laptop just like they were at the remote location or work on a shared office desktop where they have access to Google Docs through the browser. Really big thing about this is the worker will not have to bring an external device with them to the office (laptop, thumb drive etc.).
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Cloud Hero Storage Plan - The Mobile Worker

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This article was published on 2010/12/10