Gale Technologies Crafts Private Clouds

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Gale Technologies is enhancing its suite of automated provisioning tools with a set of workflow tools that the company says allows IT organizations to create their own private cloud computing platforms based on existing IT infrastructure.
According to Garima Thockchom, VP of marketing for Gale Technologies, the company's provisioning tools are already used to automate much of the cloud management process. The new GaleForce Turnkey Cloud adds workflow management tools that span both virtual and physical servers. That capability is critical, says Thockchom, because other cloud computing platforms require all the components to be virtualized. In contrast, the Gale Technologies approach allows physical servers running mission-critical applications to be managed right alongside virtual servers, said Thockchom.

Thockchom says Gale Technologies' pre-defined workflow templates support HP, IBM and Dell Blades; switches based on Cisco IOS/CATOS, Juniper JunOS; NetApp NAS, EMC Clarion; VMware ESX and many other vendors and platforms.
Pricing for GaleForce Turnkey Cloud starts at $50,000, which includes the GaleForce 5.3 server, support for up to 15 physical resources and up to 60 virtual machines, two days of setup and training services and one year of standard support.

About GaleForce

GaleForce, Gale Technologies flagship cloud enablement and resource provisioning solution, transforms static IT environments into dynamic private or hybrid clouds, enabling organizations to drastically reduce capital and operational expenditures. With GaleForce, IT operators are able to set up a cloud, lab, demo, or data center environment in just minutes, providing secure access to resources 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Using GaleForce, operators design rich service and infrastructure templates with drag-and-drop ease and publish them to a custom brandable Web portal catalog. When users reserve and schedule templates from the catalog, GaleForce seamlessly allocates and provisions appropriate physical and virtual resources from the pool of IT resources to bring the workload to life.

About Gale Technologies

With over 100 live deployments powered by its products, Gale Technologies is a trusted provider of advanced software solutions that automate and orchestrate IT resources allowing organizations to accelerate and streamline the delivery of infrastructure as a service and cloud computing environments. As a pioneer of innovative solutions for fine-grained resource provisioning, and workflow scheduling and automation across networking, server, storage, and virtualization technologies, Gale allows thousands of users to reserve, schedule and execute workloads on a shared, heterogeneous, dynamic environment with unprecedented flexibility. Gales customers report CAPEX and OPEX savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars per site from converting legacy silos of IT environments into fully automated and shared dynamic environments that can be securely accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Gale serves a global customer base with offices in North America and Asia. For more information, visit
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Gale Technologies provides advanced software solutions to automate, orchestrate, & optimize resources transforming the process of Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivery. As a pioneer of innovative solutions for provisioning and workflow automation across networking, server, storage, & virtualization technologies, Gale enables the automated & self-service provisioning of dynamic lab, data center, &cloud environments. Visit Gale Technologies for more.

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Gale Technologies Crafts Private Clouds

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This article was published on 2011/03/31